CRM and Personalized Marketing

We live in a world where there are more ways than ever for a customer to engage with our brand. Whether it is a social review, customer satisfaction survey, joining your loyalty program, or buying your products online.


Customer data is at the center of your digital transformation and connection with your customers.


We lead:

  • Customer Data Aggregation Planning
  • Segmentation Planning
  • Personalized Communication Planning
  • Loyalty Program Management.

Channels: Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, Live Chat, Line BC, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Platform Expertise: CleverTap, SalesForce, MessageBird, AiQ Line CRM, CRM, Email, SMS, App Push, Facebook and Google Customer Audience

Our Unique Approach

We first start by assessing your current data capture points and provide a strategy that will continually fill your customer Sales funnel. Then we segment your customer data, identifying customer remarketing journey’s that drive repeat purchase. Make your customers advocates.


“Our company has benefited immensely from working with Audience IQ and the CleverTap, particularly in customer retention and repurchasing. They were able to provide expertise in KPI evaluation as well as implement strong performance strategies to ensure that customers return after their first purchase. Our 12-week purchase rate increased by 10% paired with further plans created to expand our brands and categories. AIQ was also responsible for exponentially increasing the average frequency purchase rate each month over the course of six months. We had a great experience with AIQ and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their retention through Marketing Automation”

QingGui Huang

Co-Founder & CEO, Konvy

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