Build any incentive, using any data

Translate a real-time event stream into action and set up powerful incentives in minutes, without the need to code. From personalized discounts to referrals, loyalty programs to geolocalized offers – it’s all possible with Talon.One.

Loyalty management

Go beyond earn-and-burn to create next-level loyalty programs that build brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

Rewards management

Boost conversions with fully-automated and scalable coupons, referrals, discounts, product bundling and more.

Pricing management

Automate markdown pricing and product labelling, plus combine pricing and promotion workflows in one interface.

Drive growth at every stage of your customer’s journey

Acquire high-value customers with tailored discounts.

Boost user acquisition with discounts, coupons and referrals. Plus, sync your product catalog with Talon.One to build strikethrough campaigns that highlight value to your customers at the SKU-level.

Boost conversions with profitable promotions.

Stop overspending on your incentives strategy: with Talon.One, you can target segments based on location, profile attributes and browsing behaviour. Then, reward in any way you like.

Build inspiring loyalty programs that go beyond cards and points.

Increase retention and drive repeat business with our loyalty functionality. Create custom goals to boost engagement, and customize your program based on any session or profile data.

Reactivate lapsed users with win-back campaigns they can't refuse.

Extend customer lifecycle value by re-engaging users with personalized promotions. Share exclusive offers based on previous shopping behavior, redeemable across channels.


Connect all your customer and SKU data


You're in great hands

Fully MACH certified has been a member of the MACH Alliance since 2021, joining a growing group dedicated to making future-proof, modular software.

Recognized in Gartner's 2023 Market Guide for Loyalty Program

The report includes a breakdown of prominent vendors and their products, with Talon.One included as one of three example vendors.

Named among notable vendors in Forrester's Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape 2022

Recognized in Forrester’s overview of the loyalty technology solutions market, as testament to our leadership in the field of loyalty technology solutions.

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