Customer engagement and retention platform that helps brands maximize user lifetime value thereby growing long term revenue.

  1. Identify all your data touch points to design your tech stack.
  2. Review current CRM programs to benchmark and identify a plan for improvement.
  3. Design core customer journeys that will set you up for success in your automated marketing efforts.


CleverTap Features

Customer Data Platform

  • Aggregate customer data from online and offline sources: Combine data from multiple sources like mobile phones, tablets, POS systems, loyalty programs and more.
  • Get a 360-degree view of customers: group together behavioral and transactional data to get a unified profile for all your customers.

Customer Engagement Platform

The key to retention is to develop re-engagement strategies that will drive customer retention and boost sales:

  • CleverTap has segmentation tools to identify your most valuable audiences.
  • CleverTap can push messages into the top channels such as: App push, Email, Web push, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and more.

Customer Insights Tool

  • Visualize customer journeys to boost engagement
  • Identify drop-off points to determine where customers get stuck in order to optimize your app and website
  • Prevent churn by tracking events that lead to uninstalls and isolate the steps customers take before they churn.
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