Digital Transformation and Ecommerce Master Class

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How Can this Course Help you?

Is your organization struggling to transform in this age of Digital Disruption? There is a unique chance for you to make a difference at your company if you have a proper strategic framework. AiQ Education has developed a Digital Transformation Short Course to help business managers in Thailand develop the skills and tools required to transform your organization.

We offer a 2 day short of 4 modules with a Certificate you can use on your CV. Online, in our Bangkok facility or at your Company. Click to learn more about the course and register for a special promotion.

Tangible Skills you will Develop

Learn how to Navigate the Individual Economy with the 3 Sided Marketplace

Learn how to approach Customers in a completely Different Way

Learn how to maximize customer data and turn it into an asset for your company.

Course Curriculum

Course Schedule:

  • 4 modules in Total
  • Week of May 11th through June 7th.
  • Class Lectures to be consumed at Students own pace.
  • Weekly Live session: Each Sunday: 2 hour Question and Answer.


1. Digital Transformation: Work Force Disruption and how to take advantage of it in your Career:
In today’s digital world, both the work force and companies need to rethink their strategy as Digital technologies are disrupting all business models. In this class we present how the work place is changing due to Digital Technology and Digital Disruption. We explore the 3 sided market place and provide students with a framework on how to ideate new business ventures that can disrupt.

2. Digital Transformation: How to Connect with your customer in the Digital Age.
Many companies have become obsolete because they haven’t been able to adapt to the needs of the customer and are not Customer Centric. This class helps you adapt to the decline in Mass Broadcast communications, and embrace the shift towards personalized two way conversations with in specific communities. We provide a strategy framework that every brand can use to become: “Customer Digital Centric.”

3. Digital Transformation: How to make the best use of the Data our customers are giving us:
Data is at the center of today’s CRM strategy. The challenge today is that there is so much data across so many different platforms that companies are challenged to make sense of it all. This class helps by providing a framework around Data acquisition strategies, defining what is the most important data to collect so that we can improve the overall Customer Experience people have with your brand. We Showcase different Platforms that are at the cutting edge such as: CleverTap and Qualtrics

4. Ecommerce: An essential guide to taking your products or services online:
Most businesses are unsure if an online ecommerce strategy is right for them. Many businesses hesitate to sell online due to limited internal expertise or resources. They lack an online market entry strategy. This class is designed to help companies learn the fundamentals of running an Ecommerce business. This includes: Market Place Sales, Direct to Consumer Sales and Digital Marketing. Learn how to develop an Omnichannel Sales distribution strategy and the high level market tactics that drive sales.

Learning Options:

  • This course will be offered Online so you can be in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Each week you will be given the Class Lecture video. The video is broken down into 5 to 10 key concepts.
  • Each student is required to watch the lecture and complete a short task for each concept.
  • There will be a weekly Live Q&A where the Professor will review the work of students and provide feedback on the assignments. As well the students can Take this time to ask questions.

Learn from the Experts with Real World Experience

Course Certificate

All Students who complete the 4 module course will receive a Class Certificate of Completion.

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