Digital Transformation, Ecommerce and Growth Hack Marketing

Don’t Let Digital Disruption Be Your Downfall

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Digital Transformation, Ecommerce and Growth Hack Marketing

Is your organization struggling to transform in this age of Digital Disruption? There is a unique chance for you to make a difference at your company if you have a proper strategic framework. AiQ Education has developed a Digital Transformation Short Course to help business managers in Thailand develop the skills and tools required to transform your organization. We offer short courses of 8 modules over 4 weeks with a Certificate. Online, in our Bangkok facility or at your Company. Click to learn more about the course and register for a special promotion.

Tangible Skills you will Develop


Navigate the new Individual Economy


Navigate the new Individual Economy


Implement Ecommerce strategies that win.


Grow your business through Growth Hack Marketing Techniques

Course Curriculum


  1. Digital Transformation: Work Force Disruption and how to take advantage of it in your Career.
  2. Digital Transformation: How To Connect with your customer in the Digital Age
  3. Digital Transformation: How to make the best use of the data our customers are giving us.
  4. Ecommerce: An essential guide to taking your products or services online
  5. Ecommerce: Developing Effective Customer Journeys that drive results
  6. Growth Hack Marketing: How an organization can use Growth hack Marketing
  7. Growth Hack Marketing: A Guide to Acquisition and Retention that doesn’t require large media Spends

Learning Options:

This course will be available to students either in the Classroom where we have 20 spots available.

We will also make the course available online.

Students can login to our Education platform during the weekly lecture and participate from the comfort of your own home.

All Classes will be recorded and can be used by the students at their convenience.


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